Babadú: Songs in the hearts of families.

Babadú: Songs in the hearts of families.

In March 2020, the children's music group Babadú enters the national music scene with its celebrated album “Los Animales Cantores de Vienna”, nominated for Pulsar Awards 2021. Currently they already have 3 studio albums, 4 singles and several videos on digital platforms (Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music...). The incessant factory of Babadú songs does not end, and it is rumored that a fourth album could be in the works to be released in April of this year.


Babadú was born from the confluence of three young professionals: Magdalena, a preschool educator, Matias, a musical composer, and Tere, a designer and monitor with vast experience in international early stimulation programs. The team of friends and now colleagues, set out since 2020 to create their own content and contribute to Early Childhood in Chile. Based on their different previous experiences, the trio realized that participatory music was an ideal means to enhance learning and enrich bonds between children and their significant others.

Maida explains to us that music as an educational vehicle is widely supported by expert literature, since it is optimal for generating learning at all levels, not just psychomotor. “With the participatory music that we perform - he explains - there is an interesting relationship between freedom and structure; Our music promotes free and spontaneous play , the basis of early childhood education and, at the same time, proposes to boys and girls the incorporation of language and rhythmic and melodic structures that become learning about content and, simultaneously, experimentation in real time ”.

The repertoire of Babadú songs is broad and offers all types of emotions and dynamics of musical participation. From their uptempo hits like “Mi Caballo Rayo”, “La Jaibita Regalona” or “Cohete a Marte” to introspective songs with telluric themes like the powerful “Wetri Pantu” and “Canto a la Tierra”, Babadú music surprises by not stagnate or repeat yourself and be in constant search . “We want to make music that is a range of sounds, diverse in sounds and styles … with perhaps the unifying factors of participation and the spirit of the game” explains Matías, composer of the group.

Babadú's compositions are designed to be shared and performed with the family and in various educational contexts such as kindergartens, playgrounds or other child care spaces. With more than one hundred virtual and physical sessions and several concerts since its beginning during the pandemic, the group has generated a huge following of fans in different contexts and geographies. Babadú's material has the approval of experts from different organizations dedicated to Children and has been shared with the Mineduc. Currently the group prepares a number of specialized sessions in gardens and communities in the Araucanía region financed by the National Music Fund. The idea is to impact Chilean families and the educational system by achieving significant learning through music and, above all, enhancing the emotional bond between children and their significant others. “We are convinced – Tere tells us – that a good shared song generates emotional memories that last a lifetime. Therefore, our motto is to sow songs in the hearts of families.”