Frequent questions

What age is it for? How much weight does it hold?

The chair is for babies from 6 months of age, or from when they sit firmly with their head up, up to 16.8 kilos, which corresponds to an average 4-year-old child.

Is it suitable for all types of tables? Is it suitable for glass tables?

Stable dining tables are recommended (that can support the child's weight), whose surface is between 1 to 4 cm thick.

Not recommended for use on glass tables, tables with loose tops, table extensions, card tables, single-leg tables, or on tables with tablecloths or placemats.

What is your security system like?

Its design is designed so that the same weight of the baby structurally presses the chair with the table in 4 different points. In addition, it comes with an innovative system for tightening the table by pressing on 2 non-slip support points.

Additionally, it has an adjustable safety belt so that the child remains in the chair at all times.

Is it okay for your feet to be hanging for the child's postural ergonomics?

In this category of chairs (hook-on chair), a footrest is not necessary, since boys or girls spend short periods of time sitting. This is supported by international standards ASTM 1235 and experts in the area of ​​pediatrics and child health.

What are the differences between the Clak 1.0 and 2.0 chair?

The Clak 2.0 chair comes with a safety belt, an additional table tightening system and new non-slip rubber.

What colors do you have?

Red, blue and turquoise.

What are the main warnings for its use?

  • Check the stability of the table before seating the child.
  • Do not use on unstable tables, with only 1 leg, or with a glass top.
  • Never place chairs or other objects under the Clak chair.
  • Verify that the chair is assembled correctly.
  • Monitor the child sitting at all times.