Spare parts and technical service

We want your CLAK® to be used for several generations!

In the event that you only need a spare part that is easy to put on (regaton or upper cover), you must send an email to specifying the spare part you are missing and we will immediately coordinate the shipment of that spare part after approval of the budget and making the pay.

If your product requires repair and is not within the warranty period, you can send the product to CLAK® and we will make the necessary repairs after an approved quote for technical service items and associated spare parts.

To make the repair process effective, you must send an email to specifying the damage you have. Once this request is received, the steps to follow will be sent to your email. Subsequently, you must send the product to our offices, through the means previously agreed with CLAK®.

Once the product(s) have been received and the previous conditions have been verified, a quote will be sent with the cost of the technical service and associated spare parts. In the event that the estimate is approved, CLAK® will proceed with the repair. Shipping costs will be the responsibility of the buyer.