All CLAK® products (including spare parts) have a warranty for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase and will be effective as long as the product has a defect or problem with the product and that it is not due to misuse by the of the user.

To make the guarantee valid, you must send an email to contacto@miclak.cl attaching proof of purchase indicating the date and product purchased. Once it is verified that it is within the warranty date, the customer will be asked to send the defective product to the address previously indicated so that it can be reviewed by our team. If the problem is indeed a factory one, we will send you the repaired product, or a new one as the case may be. Pickup and shipping costs will be borne by CLAK® when the warranty applies. In the event that it is concluded that the problem is not factory-made, the cost of new shipping and repair will be assumed by the customer upon approval.

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