Clak, Clak, Clak Let's get to work!

Clak, Clak, Clak Let's get to work!

Pieces of fabric, cardboard, wool, papers... Everything is used to have a good time with the little ones!

Here we leave you some easy ideas and with the materials you have on hand to do with your children this holiday.

May inspiration catch us sitting still!

From seed to plant

Take a piece of cotton and put it in a transparent glass. Then take a second piece of cotton, stretch it without breaking it, and put the seed on it. Then close it and put it in the glass. Using a spray bottle, moisten the cotton with water (without getting it too wet). Leave the glass in a place that receives light. In 5 days you will begin to see a little plant!

Animals with comfort cones

You need comfort paper cones, paper, scissors and colored papers. Choose the animal you like the most, and with the papers, help your child make the different body shapes. You can make any shapes you want!

sock doll

You need 1 long, old sock, buttons or paper balls, pebbles, cotton, scriptos and wool. At the base of the sock, put the pebbles (it will help it stay upright) and fill with a large piece of cotton. Tie the sock with a piece of wool and then stuff it again with cotton. You will now have the body, head and hair. Now paint it and dress it however you want!

home herbarium

You need a white sheet of paper, tape, and a pencil. Go out with your child to explore and look for specimens of different plants, flowers or herbs. Glue it together on the paper and write the name of the plants.

paper masks

You need a cardboard plate (if you don't have one, it can be with a sheet of block or any harder paper), ice cream sticks, pencils or paints, wool, buttons... whatever you want to decorate! With the help of an adult, cut out the eyes and mouth on your paper plate, and use different materials to decorate.

Vegetable stamps

For this activity you need the greatest variety of fruits and/or vegetables possible: lemon, paprika, apple, cucumber, etc., paper and tempera. Cut the vegetable or fruit in half and paint its surface in different colors. You can stamp them on white paper and make wrapping paper, decorate letters, envelopes and much more!