How to build a solid foundation for the future?

How to build a solid foundation for the future?

We could make an analogy between the brain and a house. Just as a house must be built on a solid foundation to last over time, the same thing happens with the brain. In both cases, that foundation is built step by step and each step is necessary to reach the next.

In the area of ​​language , for example, there are many previous steps before reaching speech itself and these begin to develop from the first months of life. Babbling, social smiling, learning to interact (listen and then respond) and the use of gestures are steps that stack on top of each other to reach the development of speech. This happens with all areas of development and understanding this progression allows us to better accompany the process.

For this to be possible, we must understand the most basic thing: babies are born with a billion neurons , however, all disconnected from each other. It is through experiences and interactions that these become connected, giving way to brain circuits. First, the simplest circuits such as vision and hearing are formed, on top of those more complex ones such as language, and on top of the latter, even more complex ones such as problem solving. To achieve this, it is necessary for a million neuronal connections to occur per second and the brain is growing by leaps and bounds.

The eternal discussion has been whether it is due to genetics or experience that this complex network structure is generated . It seems to be a bit of both: Genetics determines when a window of opportunity opens for the development of different skills, but how they develop depends on experiences and environmental conditions. For this reason, what happens in those first years determines such important skills as the ability to manage emotions, establish healthy relationships with others and solve problems, among many other things.

The evidence, therefore, is revealing: those first years are decisive for the future development of an individual, and therefore of society. There is so much to do!

Under this reflection, Mildías was born. For a double need: on the one hand, to raise awareness about the importance of those first thousand days outside the womb, and on the other, the need to accompany and empower so many dads and moms who are constantly wondering, am I doing it right? ?

In an era where there are so many resources available, it is difficult to know what to do and what not to do. One constantly questions whether one is on the right path.

At Mildías we do not seek to pressure or rush but rather to accompany development. And for this, we make available to so many families the wonderful discoveries of science translated into simple and friendly practices. The material we offer, both in our social networks and in our guides, has been prepared based on scientific evidence. In it you can find super innovative ideas and others that are quite intuitive, that is, what both moms and dads do regularly with our children. But when we understand the importance of doing it and the theory behind it, we do it more consciously and intentionally, which is very beneficial for a child's development.

Anyway, we try to emphasize three things to our moms and dads:

  1. Each bus has its own times and must be respected.
  2. Always trust your instinct since no one knows better than you what your baby needs.
  3. Every family has the tools in their hands to maximize their child's development.

At Mildías, we want every mother, father or caregiver to be aware that their baby's brain is growing by leaps and bounds and they have everything in their hands to accompany them in this process. For this, our suggestion (based on scientific evidence) is to return to what is essential: playing and connecting with them, teaching them through everyday life how the world works and generating an enriching environment for exploration through simple activities, elements and games. .

Don't wait to start! As María Montessori said: “Learning begins at birth.”