The Loop Kids: Kids Super Heroes

The Loop Kids: Kids Super Heroes

The environmental crisis that the planet is experiencing is already a universal issue for adults and children. We cannot bury our heads in the sand, thinking that the governments of the world will fix the problem.

The beginning of a path of improvement starts in every home, in every corner of the planet, but... How to do it? With simple and everyday actions, which children must learn from the day they are born. Sustainable parenting begins by empowering them, transmitting to them the tremendous role they have in recovering the planet they will inhabit in the future. If all children in the world imitate such concrete values ​​and actions from their parents as caring for water, not wasting food, turning off the lights and taking care of their toys to be reused by other children, profound changes as powerful as those that a government policy could achieve.

All of these habits are not easy to work on in children who were born in the era of screens, where immediacy makes them less patient. The invitation is to find creative ways to empower them, so that they feel that they are Children Super Heroes and that their mission is to defend their world from the silent enemy...pollution.


“You are never too small to make a difference”

Greta Thunberg

About the authors:

Adela Rogers and Daniela Weil are founding partners of The Loop Kids Re-Store (and mothers of 7 male children between them).

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